Download APK – GetApk Market 1.6.94 [LATEST Version] FREE Download for Android

Sometimes you may desperately feel the need to download a certain app on your android device, but when you searched for it on the Play Store, it turned out be a paid app. Paid apps can definitely cost you a fortune, more often than not they’re not worth the price that you’re asked to paid in order to get them. Sometimes you end up paying the price that is a lot but you’re in desperate need of the app and end up paying for it. That’s where third party app stores come in, and out of all those app stores GetAPK Market App is definitely one of the best alternatives to the Play Store.

You can resort to downloading apps from GetAPK Market when the app you want to download is paid on the Play Store or if you’re facing some error in downloading the app. GetAPK is one of the best places to download the APKs of your favourite apps from.

GetApk Market


App Name: GetAPK

File Type: APK

File Size: 1.12 MB

APK Version: 1.6.97


Click Here to Download GetApk

GetAPK Market is one of the best alternatives there are for Google Play Stores. This app allows you to download APKs of your favourite apps that are available for a price on the Google Play Store, absolutely free. It is a user friendly app that is supported by all Android devices with a version above 2.2.

GetApk Market Download

Whether GetAPK Market 2016 or 2017 it has always been a useful app to download apps and games from. Almost every app that is available on the Play Store is available in the GetAPK market gratis. GetAPK Market consists of tons and tons of games and apps available in there that you can download from different sources through the app and everything out there is free of cost.

The latest version of GetAPK Market i.e. GetAPK Market 1.6.93 APK is available out there. But the question remains, how to get this GetAPK Market 1.6.93 download done on your android device? Well that’s what we’re going to go through with the help of a few simple steps.

Name: GetAPK Market
Version: 1.6.97
File Size: 1.12 MB
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.1+
Features of GetApk App: Download Paid Apps for Free
Downloads: 111023
Last Update Time: 13 June 2017
Download Link: Get It From Here

It is to be noted that you can’t download it from the Google Play Store. So in order to download the latest version of GetAPK Market you will have to do through some other ways. That is via a third party.

Let’s find out how.

GetAPK Market 1.6.94 Download

  • 1. To do it, firstly you have to assure that third-party app installations are permitted on your device through the settings.
  • 2. Now you can download the app from a third party source like APKMarket. You also download the GetAPK Market APK from a third party app store.
  • 3. After the download is finished, agree to everything that comes up and gets the latest version of GetAPK Market installed on your device.
  • 4. The latest version of GetAPK Market is ready to use on your android device.

P.S. You can also get old versions like GetAPK version 1.3 download done on your device in a similar way. You might not need to do that though, as the latest version is preferred over the older ones.

As we mentioned earlier GetAPK Market allows you to download APKs for free even those which are paid on Google Play Store. You can just look for the APK in the app or you can also go to the Play Store search for the app and the share the app through GetAPK to download it from a free source.


GetAPK Market is a unique app which is different from its counterparts in numerous ways. It offers multiple sources from which you can download your favorite games and apps from and it is free of cost. The app also stands out due to the abundance of categories that are out there to choose from. Anything on this app won’t cost you a dime. With the latest version, the app has added some new features as well, you should definitely get the app updated if you’re using an older version right now.

GetAPK is definitely the perfect alternative to Google Play Store. It has almost everything that the Play Store has, plus it also has some things that the Play Store doesn’t have and that makes it a resourceful app.

Download APK – GetApk Market 1.6.94 [LATEST Version] FREE Download for Android
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