Download GetApk Market V1.6.97 Official App for Android!

As Android is now a huge open source platform that has a large amount of users accessing it all across the globe, a lot of things can be done on your android device.

Being an huge platform, android users’ desire for more and more apps is increasing as the time is passing by. Play Store is the primary destination for android users for downloading new apps. But a lot of the interesting stuff out there is pay to download.

Well, that is where other app stores come in and out of all, GetApk Market is making a lot of buzz these days. There are a whole lot of third party app stores out there like 9Apps, Blackmart and many more but there is something special about GetApk that places it above most of those third party app stores.

Introduction To GetApk: Whenever you can’t download an app from the Play Store due to certain reasons. The main reasons being that if it is costly or there’s some error occurs while you try to download getapk market on your device then you can resort to GetAPK Market.


GetApk Market @


App Name: GetAPK

File Type: APK

File Size: 1.12 MB

APK Version: 1.6.97


Click Here to Download GetApk

After you download GetAPK Market and then install it on your android device, you will have the access to download tons and tons of android apps. In GetAPK Market, you will get the free APK version of almost any android app that you want to download.

GetApk Market Download @

Name: GetAPK Market
Version: 1.6.97
File Size: 1.12 MB
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.1+
Features of GetApk App: Download Paid Apps for Free
Downloads: 111023
Last Update Time: 13 June 2017
Download Link: Get It From Here

The thing that seperates this app from the other app stores is the fact that it really provides you with a large number of special features. Whether it is due to the fact that the number games and apps that GetAPK Market gives you access to download are a lot or the fact that normally paid apps are available here for free. GetAPK Market is also a user friendly app and there aren’t many complications that one would suffer while using it. GetAPK Market also supports all the android versions from 2.2 operating system. The app itself is free of cost, so there is no money involved in the whole process whatsoever.

GetApk Download @

There are a large number of categories that you can choose to download games and other apps from. You get access to almost anything at one go and you don’t even have to pay for it. GetAPK Market is indeed a superior app than many app stores you will find excluding TutuApp APK. As we mentioned earlier, in many cases it is even preferred over the almighty Google Play Store.

Download GetApk Market from

GetAPK Market gives you the whole world in your pocket easily, without much of the struggle. GetAPK download and installation can be done easily as well. That is what we will be going through in this guide as well. While there’s a version of GetAPK Market 2017 available on the Play Store itself, this version has had a lot of complaints and doesn’t seem to be legit so in order to download GetAPK you will have to resort to some other methods. Let’s find out.

How to Download & Install GetApk Market?

It isn’t hard to download GetApk Market, but the main problem that many users suffer is where to download it from. As we mentioned earlier, Play Store doesn’t have the legit version of the app so you will have to go elsewhere. You will have to go to third party. Now, before getting anywhere make sure that you have permitted the installation of third party applications on your android device, through the settings. Now once you’ve done let’s get started on the download procedure.

  1. Download the GetAPK APK on your device from here.
  2. Now, go to your device’s settings and make sure you have enabled the options which lets you install applications from unknown sources.
  3. Follow it up with the installation of the app. Agree to all the permissions and terms & conditions.
  4. Once you have enabled the option, open the downloaded GetApk file and tap on install.
  5. Once the app is done installing, you can open it right away or later on from the app drawer.
  6. Now GetAPK Market is ready to use on your device, enjoy tons and tons of apps on your device absolutely free.

Enjoy all the paid apps free of cost on your device through the medium of GetAPK. As we mentioned above it isn’t a difficult process to download GetAPK.

As we move on, let’s discuss something related to operating this app. Now, how can you download paid apps for free on GetAPK Market, let’s find out.

How To Download Paid Apps For Free On

Once you have downloaded and installed the correct GetAPK APK file on your device then you will be able to enjoy all of those paid apps for free on your android device. Now we are going to go through some simple steps to study as to how can you download paid apps for free through the medium of GetAPK Market. So let’s get started.

Refer to the quick steps above to download GetAPK Market on your device firstly, if you haven’t yet.

Now, when you’re done with the the GetAPK download process you should get going and take all the advantages by getting all the paid apps for free on your android device. Here’s how.

  • You can do it through the Google Play Store itself. All you have to do is launch the Play Store then search for the paid app that you wish to download for free.
  • Once you’ve found it, open it to get to the application page. There will be a share button in there, click on that.
  • After clicking on the share button you’ll get a list of apps. Click on GetAPK from the list. Following this, you will be redirected to the download the apk of the app through a downloading source for free through GetAPK.
  • Download and install APK and enjoy your favourite apps on your android device.

Pros & Cons of GetAPK Market

Almost every app that exists on the face of earth has certain advantages and disadvantages to it. Same goes with GetAPK, there are many great features that this app bears. It is indeed an amazing app but with there are a few cons to it as well. We have already studied a lot about why is this app so great, and from here on we are going to even more reasons as to why this app should already be on your device. With that we will also go through some cons of GetAPK, as it isn’t fair to ignore the minor disadvantages that this app consists of. So let’s go through the pros and cons of GetAPK.


  • Definitely a one in a million app. You won’t find many apps that are as good and resourceful as GetAPK.
  • GetAPK provides you with many downloading sources to choose from. Not many apps bear this feature.
  • It covers almost every single application that is available in the Google Play Store.
  • GetAPK is really useful for those who can’t access Google Play Store on their devices.
  • It is definitely one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store.


All we have to say before going through these cons is that nothing’s perfect. Don’t let the word cons strike you out as you won’t find any app out there that doesn’t have any because if there is, they’re lying. Here are a few demerits of GetAPK Market.

  • GetAPK doesn’t have a great responsive interface when you compare it with the Google Play Store which is understandable as it isn’t easy to match Google in that department.
  • There is still some scope of improvement in the app when it comes to the special features in it. Even though there are many amazing features that GetAPK consists of they are still lesser when compared to some of the top app stores.
  • The app still needs improvement when it comes to the graphical representation. The visual appeal of app isn’t that special as compared to other app stores.

But despite all these cons, the app is still great overall. The pros completely overshadow the cons when it comes to GetAPK. The app makes a tremendous impact despite having a few flaws.


As a whole GetApk is an amazing Google Play Store alternative. The fact that it gives you access to download almost all the apps that are available on Play Store free of cost from various sources places it above other third party app stores. It is easily available on the internet for you to download from. The fact that the app is easy to operate for anybody familiar with android devices also places it on the peak of third party app stores. In some cases, it even proves to be a better choice than the almighty Google Play Store. Meanwhile you can also have a look at some other apk’s:



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For every Android device, applications are important and without apps, your Smartphone can’t perform better. So to make your Smartphone unique from others you can download whole new sets of apps using GetAPK Market. With minimum technical experience, you can download GetAPK Market for Android and can access the world of free android apps with minimum difficulty as the app have the simple and user-friendly interface. GetAPK Market app is a platform where all the android users gather and get ...
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Top 7 Alternatives Of GetAPK Market To Get Paid Android Apps & Games For Free!

If we talk about GetAPK Market it is one of the best alternatives to play store and leading third-party Appstore in the never-ending world of Android. Due to the availability of latest free android contents and all the paid and premium apps, it offers on zero cost is one of the best advantages we have while using the GetAPK market app. You can easily download GetAPK market apk from various third party websites or you can visit the official website ...
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What Is GetAPK Market? Everything You Need To Know About GetApk Market for Android

If we say that Android is the most used and preferred operating system in all over the world and it is an open source on which anyone can login using their Google account and download the contents from play store, no one can deny is that right? Play store is a huge platform for all the android users on which they can come together to find solutions while searching a particular app. But at the other end play store also ...
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How To Use GetApk Market On Android | Step-by-Step Guide!

If we talk about Smartphone the first thought which comes to our mind is of android, android is the only operating system which has infinite features and the never-ending world of applications. Every day we have witnessed millions of apps launched in the android market. With the help of several Android apps, you can transform your vision and firmly understand the importance of Smartphone in your daily life. Furthermore, it is the availability of Android applications only which makes your ...
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Download APK – GetApk Market 1.6.94 [LATEST Version] FREE Download for Android

Sometimes you may desperately feel the need to download a certain app on your android device, but when you searched for it on the Play Store, it turned out be a paid app. Paid apps can definitely cost you a fortune, more often than not they’re not worth the price that you’re asked to paid in order to get them. Sometimes you end up paying the price that is a lot but you’re in desperate need of the app and ...
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Everything amazing about GetAPK Market won’t even cost a dime to you. It is easy to download any paid app for free from GetApk as we mentioned above. GetAPK definitely gets a heads up from us.

Download GetApk Market V1.6.97 Official App for Android!
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